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Panama MolaHere you find information about the culture of the Kuna Indians and the meaning of the Molas. You can also choose your favourite pieces from our Mola Gallery. During a one-year student exchange program in Panama in 1996 my daughter Marion first got in contact with the Kuna Indians and their culture. Knowing the Mola technique through my hobby of patchwork & quilting, we started to collect the finest crafted pieces.

It has always been important to us to buy the Molas directly in the Indian communities. We believe that thereby it is possible to give the most direct financial support to the women who make them and at the same time it is possible to learn more about the meaning and the symbolism of the Molas. Over the years numerous friendships evolved with Kuna in Panama City and within the communities Ustupu, Nusadup and Mamardup.

Different to many professional Mola dealers we do not buy the Molas “by the bulk” but carefully select the most beautiful works directly. We do not buy Molas which have been crafted for the tourism market, but choose only those which the women have made for their personal use. After some time of wearing them and after finishing a new blouse, the Kuna offer those traditional worn Molas to collectors.

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