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    yenwo (Mittwoch, 13 Juni 2018 07:34)


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    Julie Luhrs-Jones (Dienstag, 19 April 2016 17:58)

    What a pleasure it was to meet you Marion!! You made our visit to San Blas Islands spectacular!! What a joy it was traveling with you, learning the customs, meeting the people and searching for the most beautiful Molas you could find! We learned so much history about the Cuna Indians, their traditional Mola making, and met the artists who made them! You Marion were so brave, you spoke their language, traversed the villages, seeking the true Master Mola makers! These beautiful works of art are truly special, one of a kind master pieces! Each telling a story of life in San Blas. Thank you for allowing others to see and learn about these beautiful Molas! They are truly a heartfelt work of art, straight from the Cuna Indians of San Blas! Again, thank you, for helping these wonderful people by sharing their craft! I wish I could convey in words the work that you put forth in finding only the finest Molas to share with others! The guides, the children, the boats, the proud people, their living conditions, the islands and the spectacular sea! All a part of the history of the people and the Mola! Much love!!

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    Franz Wetter (Montag, 11 April 2016 07:36)

    bin stolz auf deine arbeit.

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    Maxine Karst (Donnerstag, 24 März 2016 23:11)

    Hola. Just visited today the excellent exhibit on molas and the Cuna Indians, which is currently showing in the Völkerkunde Museum in Zurich, Switzerland. Having been born and lived until my early 20s in the Panama Canal Zone, seeing this exhibit was an exceptionally enjoyable experience for me. I have several molas, even a traditional mola blouse which my mother made for me when I was a teenager. Great to see this site dedicated to such unique people and their craft.

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    Elena (Donnerstag, 24 März 2016 23:10)

    Ich habe Mola & Guna durch eine Ausstellung in Zürich kennengelernt. Im Shop wurden Ihre Anleitungen verkauft, seither bin ich süchtig nach Mola! Toll, wie Sie versuchen, diesen Menschen zu helfen. Danke, dass Sie mich angesteckt haben!

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    Norma Barkman (Sonntag, 06 März 2016 20:41)

    Just found this website and have enjoyed it so much. My husband and I were stationed at Ft. Kobe, Canal Zone from 1964-1969 and made several trips to San Blas. He helped build the mission hospital where Dr. Groover
    ministered for many years. I have always been fascinated with molas and have many that I got while visiting San Blas.