How to make a Mola

Mola detail
Mola detail during the making process (Isla Maquina)

Molas are handmade in hundreds of working hours from various layers of fabric, different techniques of applique and embroidery are used.


It is often said that Molas are always made in "reverse applique" technique by stacking several layers of fabric and cutting through from top to bottom, to show the layers laying underneath. This is based on a misunderstanding and is repeated in many books.

Semi-finished Mola
A semi-finished pair of Molas (Isla Nusadup)

Except in some rare cases, designs and patterns in Molas are created by applying layers of fabric on top of each other - one at a time. The top layer in that case is cut out a little bit smaller than the bottom layer to leave some visible parts of the layer underneath.


Filling elements such as appliqued triangles, labyrinths or vertical slots are added around the main motif to complete the design and to leave as little unworked space as possible.

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